Materials List for The Wonder of Watercolor

Instructor:  Suzanne Natzke 

Call 727-376-8435 if you have any questions about materials.


Paper – 140 # watercolor paper – be sure this is labeled 100% rag to get the proper results.  Paper sold in single sheets meets this requirement.  Pads or blocks must say 100% rag or cotton. Best brands – Arches or Kilimanjaro


Sketchbook – this is a “must have” for planning your work, making notes, testing colors, etc.  Any inexpensive sketchbook will do.


Paint – Cotman Water Colours (by Winsor & Newton) in the following colors:


Permanent rose          Cadmium red

Cadmium yellow         Lemon yellow

Ultramarine blue         Cobalt blue

Burnt sienna               Cerulean blue


Palette:  White plastic with good fitting lid.  Preferred:  Cheap Joe’s Original Palette (item #400)


Brushes  – I prefer Loew Cornell brushes; they are reasonably priced but professional quality.  Cheap Joe’s Golden Fleece or American Journey are also very good.  See art supply info below.  For a basic set:

1 inch flat or “one stroke”

12 or 14 round or “ultra” round

#2 Rigger or liner


Other equipment

Paper towels, Kleenex

Spray bottle for water

Two containers for water (we are not permitted to use any containers that were used for food)

#2 Pencil

White plastic eraser

Masking tape

X-acto knife or single edge razor blade for scratching highlights

Foam Core – white board to support paper


Purchasing information:  Local hobby stores may have a limited selection only and inferior quality in many cases.  For the best value and variety go to an art store or online catalog.  Contact the instructor for suggestions of where to purchase quality materials.

If you order online and some of your supplies are not in by the first class, I will have basic materials available to get through that first lesson.

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