The Dali Museum Reciprocal Membership Privileges in March

The Dalí Museum and Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art agree to extend to each other’s active members,

free admission during the month of February 2018. No other member benefits will apply.

1. Members of the visiting organization must present a current and valid membership card at the designated area (where the venue’s own members check-in).
a. Neither venue is required to grant admission to visitors who forget their cards as there is no universal list/database at each organization.
2. Free member admission will be applied during regular museum hours only.
3. Guests of members are not included, nor are any discounts normally offered to the organization’s members’ guests applied. Up to 5 children will be admitted free with Family and above memberships.
4. Any other ‘normal’ procedures for member check-in may apply (such as requesting a valid ID in addition to the member card).

1. Both The Dalí and Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art agree to notify their own members of this offer via email and/or a website page outlining the duration of the offer, the benefits and restrictions.
a. Each venue will instruct its own members to call/email their respective in-house membership department for questions about this offer.
2. Both The Dalí and Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art grant permission to use each other’s name in promotion and marketing of this reciprocal program. Use of logos or images must be reviewed & approved by the organization prior to use.
Each organization agrees to notify its own staff of this reciprocal membership-admission agreement to ensure seamless transaction for its visiting members.


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