Robert Coon: Intersection

Robert Coon, a resident of Vero Beach, Florida, was born near the small town of Bessemer, North Carolina in 1941. Artistic inspiration came at an early age when his only entertainment was making things from his own imagination, such as ray guns and space ships. He graduated from the University of Georgia in 1964 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Drawing and Painting and earned a Master of Fine Arts degree in Sculpture and Printmaking from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. He has worked as a sculptor for more than fifty years, and from 1986 to 2011, taught sculpture and bronze casting at the Vero Beach Museum of Art.

Coon began his career as a painter and later experimented with wax and bronze casting. He has been fabricating large-scale aluminum sculptures since the 1980s, often incorporating colorful layers of brushwork with powdered pigment and automotive clear-coat. Inspiration comes from the shapes in clouds and the landscape around him. Incorporated into abstract sketches, they are the basis for his sculptures, in which each new shape inspires the next piece in a series.

Coon’s Intersection series consists of flowing curves and organic shapes juxtaposed with geometric forms. He explains, “The negative space inside the geometry was most important…The empty part, not the metal that was there.”

Coon’s outdoor sculptures have been shown nationally in juried competitions and at major museums and universities including the University of Arizona Museum of Art, Tucson, AZ, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL, Miami University, Miami, FL, the Gulf Coast Museum of Art, Largo, FL, J.B. Speed Art Museum, Louisville, KY and many others.