Habits & Habitats Series: Working in Paradise & Postcards from the Edge with Allen Leepa

June 4 – September 24, 2017 (Center Gallery)

Habits and Habitats is a new exhibition series that provides insights into the perspectives, daily habits, and private spaces of featured artists. Offering another dimension into the spotlighted artist, this series is intended to create a personal connection to the audience by touching on particular parts of the artist’s life and thought processes for a deeper level of understanding.

Working in Paradise offers a unique glimpse into the life of Allen Leepa through an installation of his art studio, vibrant paintings and sketches inspired by summer hues, and his adventures around the world. Through postcards sent to Abe Rattner and Esther Gentle’s Paris apartment in the 1960s, Leepa shares in his own words various tales of his summer travels while working on paintings and sketches abroad. The postcards shed light on Leepa’s artistic process, as well as his devotion to Esther and Abe.