Allen Leepa: Masterworks of Abstract Dialogues


November 15, 2015 – February 7, 2016

leepa-smallAs a complement to the Ralph Wickiser exhibition, LRMA is pleased to present an exhibition of seven large masterwork paintings by Allen Leepa (American, 1919-2009) selected from the collection of the SPC Foundation, Inc. Like Wickiser, Leepa was an educator and art author, who taught at Michigan State University for 35 years. In the Midwest, Leepa was recognized as a regional abstract expressionist, but exhibited in national shows because of his New York connections.

The large abstractions in this show are testaments to the experiences, interests and emotions of Leepa. Some works respond to a supremacy of feelings, similar to improvisational jazz, while others were planned as visual perceptions based on the Gestalt psychology of figure-ground relationships. In Leepa’s work, colors and forms are designed to create a “push and pull” effect based on the aesthetic theories of Leepa’s influential teacher, artist and theorist Hans Hofmann.